Thursday, November 15, 2012


This past year, I have made a conscious effort to eat better.  Of course I am still binging.  But, I have decided to eat more naturally.  Real cream, real sugar, real eggs, real soda, real satisfaction.

This was the way I was raised.  I love fruits and veggies.  I feel satisfied when I eat whole foods, but I don't always eat like this.  I want to, but old habits die hard.  Splenda is always around and the yellow packers are so enticing, fro yo stores are abundant, Diet Coke at restaurants sometimes tastes so yummy and refreshing.

So, let me tell you what I have been enjoying lately and in return, I have been binging a ton less, even though this week doesn't truly reflect that....

1. Real Coke.  LOVE me regular Coke.  Nothing beats it.  1 a day.  I would rather have it than any sweet.  1.  I have been drinking a ton of soda water with lemon and lime because I don't always love water, but water with bubbles is fun.  I have my coffee, my 1 Coke, and then tons of soda water.  I have been peeing up a storm.

2.  Real ice cream.  I like me the real stuff.  I was a huge fan of frozen yogurt and then all of a sudden I realized, "why am I eating tastes like chemicals....oh yeah, it's because I don't feel guilty for covering it in candy because I mean, it's YOGURT!"  Yes, I fell into this trap.  I covered chemically tasting yogurt with Snickers, cookie dough, donuts, and hot fudge.  So, I basically would eat 1,000 calories of chemicals and candy when I could have, in theory, enjoyed a huge bowl of REAL ice cream which I love and don't need to cover in candy.  Think about it.  Real ice cream also doesn't have chemicals in it.

3.  Real sugar.  I guess this falls into the real soda category, perhaps, but real sugar has 15 or so calories per teaspoon, so it's really not that big of a deal.  Lately, I have been having my morning coffee with 3 teaspoons of sugar (1 tablespoon, 45 calories) and 2 tablespoons of half and half (40 calories).  It is the best 85 calories I have ALL day and it is so much more satisfying that Splenda and skim milk (gag!).

4.  Real potato chips.  I love the individual bags of Lays potato chips. I can't keep family size bags around the house and I will say baked chips are not fun.  They are okay, but they don't pack the greasy crunch I need.  One of these bags is good for me, if I pair it with some protein (like a turkey sandwich) and a real Coke (1), and then I am TOTALLY satisfied.

5.  Real butter.  I used to be so guilty of spraying the shit out of innocent veggies, bread products, and popcorn with fake butter spray. Hell, the truth hurts.  I used to spray that crap directly into my mouth in my moments of great's FULL of chemicals and actually not that good for you.  I just use real butter now, it's not that big of a deal and it's perhaps the most delicious invention EVER.

I started getting this fear lately that fake sugar and chemicals may give me kids with 5 eyes and just a few years ago, I drank 6+ cans of diet soda a day and sprayed my toast with fake butter spray and then sprinkled it with Splenda (Weightwatchers cinnamon toast!), so it is time to cut the chemicals and not grow a tail from all the preservatives.


  1. I hate soda, but I love soda water. I get the Crystal Geyser packs from Costco for like $7 for 35 14oz bottles, best deal ever. I'm obsessed with lime soda water, so good. Or putting fresh lemon or lime in plain kind.

    Maybe you can add tea to your drinking? During the summer I would brew 2L of green tea every night to put in the fridge for the next day. Green tea is full of antioxidants, and health benefits, plus it has many different flavors. Its a good way to get your water fix, and some flavor out of it. With zero calories (if you don't add sweetener).

    I eat real butter as well, the best being Kerryland Irish butter, it comes from grass fed cows. Its more expensive than normal butter, but I try to eat as paleo as I can, and grass-fed organic is recommended.

    People wonder why cancer rates are so high, all the artificial crap they eat!

  2. I LOVE Kerryland, it is the BEST! I am totally going to try tea, it is a great idea and I am sure I will love it!

  3. Amen to that! I personally can't even have anything that has aspartame in it, as I can taste it and it's just horrible...I also don't want cancer soooo diet anything for me is out. I'm still trying desperately to cut down on my Coca-Cola consumption, but I'm like you! One can a day...makes me feel so much better :)

    Also, green tea is soooo yummy even all by itself. I drink Lipton green tea superfruit (passion fruit, orange, and jasmine) every morning with nothing added and then try to drink my 2 litres of water. So hard but end result is so worth it!

  4. Love it! I started using real sugar when I was pregnant because I was worried about putting chemicals in the baby. I actually read that sugar in coffee is the best way to drink coffee because it maximizes the benefits in coffee. Also the cream helps replace the calcium that coffee depletes.

    1. I totally agree! I am going to have to look into this, this is the BEST way to drink coffee, YUM! I mean, think....I could have an AWESOME cup of real coffee, or an 100 calorie know me, a few years ago, it was have been the handful of cardboard cookies. Coffee = happiness.


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