Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Can't Breathe and Lots of Random Reflection Upon My Birthday

I have been having quite a week....

It hasn't been a good one.

My birthday is coming up this weekend and I am exhausted.

All of the goals I wanted to accomplish this year, many of them simply didn't happen for me.

I am okay with this.

I am okay with the current trend of failure that is occurring in my life....I see it all as a sign that I MUST leave.  I knew this 6 years ago.  I felt it then.  And I stayed.

My walls have crumbled.  I feel the most vulnerable I have ever felt in my entire life.  I am the heaviest I have ever been.  College fat is now a goal of mine.  I want to be college fat because it will be thinner than I am now.

I like to really tangle things up good before I accept the things I have always known...including that I will never be able to achieve my greatest successes in a place that I do not feel comfortable living.  Among the gossip, slander, and hatred that I will never understand.  And yet, I know that this badness exists everywhere.  I know this.  But, I have the chance to start-over.  To redefine myself.  To press the reset button.  It is like the summer before college ALL over again.  EXCITING.

I have halfway fallen in love with myself this year and it is confusing.  To love me, I cannot love all of the other people that I have allowed myself to be tricked by....because I am so different.  My values, my morals, my want for something better.  So, some days I wake up hating myself.  I hate myself for still letting myself be emotionally affected by people I will never respect.  Wash and repeat.  Every single day.

It isn't just high school BS holding me back.  It is the fact that I feel like I am hiding out.  From Awful.  From former clients.  From former school mates that have houses, cars, and husbands while I am living at home.

There is one particular person I really don't want to see.  She lives mere blocks away from my parents.  I HATE HER.  I have always considered her a frenemy....Now, when I think I see her in her car driving....I switch lanes, pull over, make u-turns....FOR WHAT?  She is the idiotic fool and yet I am the one hiding myself.  WHERE IS MY SENSE?

My anxiety and stress are ballooning.  I feel a tight constriction of life strangling me with every sunrise.  Months ago, I couldn't sleep at all and now sleep is my only salvation.  I can't get enough sleep.  When I wake up at 6:00 am, I negotiate why I need to stay in bed until 9:00 am......I haven't slept like this EVER.  In my dreams, I find the life I crave.  I truly believe that happiness is around the corner.




Because truly inside I cannot figure out if I even care or not and this is most confusing of all.

There is a saying that no matter how old you are, when you come home, you will always be a child and I FEEL that.  My parents are the BEST, but still......I am nagged to pick up my room, encourage to eat what my Mom and Dad are having for supper and them shamed for not going to the gym each and every day regardless of my schedule.  There are trigger foods in my home that lead me to binges, yet I cannot keep my parents from bringing these foods into their own home....BECAUSE IT IS THEIR HOME and my father has changed so much since he retired, that he wouldn't understand the emotional issues I am having with food, even if I screamed them into his ears with a megaphone.

He used to be there for me, always.  Now, he is tired of me.  His mother is taking away his patience.  I wouldn't want to be him for a day...having to deal with her.  I get this.  I feel for him.  I am not a child.  I have to get my own shit together, too.

If I stayed here, in the Midwest, I believe I would eventually become unable to leave my home.  I would crumble.  Fall apart.  Reach 300 pounds before I knew it.  I now see life differently.  I see how people cannot get out of something they are stuck in and yet, I have been gifted with the 1 way ticket out of this pit.  I am lucky.

Just getting up and getting out is a constant struggle.  I do it, I do not let people down, but it is becoming a tug of war with my soul.  It is becoming something that I can no longer take for granted....just like how my clothes in my closet used to fit and now they don' life feels like it belongs to someone else these days.  My coping mechanism is saying the amount of days I have left here until I leave. I repeat the number like a ritual.  It gets me through my days.

The visit with Crush was fine.  Not that eventful.  Good.  I cannot relax here in this city, so our visits are always better down south when I am not protecting myself so closely.  He frustrates me terribly, but who doesn't these days?  I know it is me, NOT him.  I am the one having severe issues as of late and accepting my crazy instead of passing it onto to him is major progress in itself.  

I have reached my breaking point.  Yet, I have WONDERFUL people to help this summer and then I will be on my way out of here and towards a better life.  My goal for this summer is to simply survive, to be the BEST worker I can be.  To not worry about my weight as I don't see myself being able to commit to it in this uneasy emotional environment for me.  I have accepted this.  I will cope.  One foot in front of the other until the numbers of days left to chant is 0.

Yet, I want revenge.  There....I said it.  I want blood sucking revenge on a few people and I intend to get it.  Like a lady, but I will get it.  And the fact that I am even sharing this makes me seem like an unhinged freak....but, hell....perhaps I am.  I am a steel magnolia.  I may look like I lay down and play dead and get walked all over, but that phase of life has ended.  Sorry, if you want to make it public and personal, then it will be public and personal from my side, too....especially if you owe me money for my time.

Please understand that a man cannot fix everything.  There I said it.  I know I wanted Crush to be my everything.  My life preserver in this wild sea of change.  BUT, I have to save myself first.  Love, money, a big diamond ring....none of that will ever make me feel whole unless I am whole on the inside.  And I will have all that.  And where I am from, those things: the money, the big ring...that determines who wins.  SICK.  BUT TRUE.  And in those ways, I will win.  But, none of this matters to me anymore....and it once did.  I have said it before and I will say it again, I kinda dated Awful for his money.  Because that defined him and made him more attractive to me.  His money presented opportunities and I liked them.  HATE ME.  I get it, but I am not lying.  Yet, Crush has so much more than anything Awful did and I am over it.  I wish Crush had less, so we could live a bit of a simpler life with less expectations and obligations.

Where I want to win is by being a good person.  An honest person.  A real person.  A kind person.  A person that can actually do all she says she will do.....

I think this is where I am conflicted these days.  AND I KNOW BETTER.  I have been thin before for little blips and whenever I would slip into those size 29 jeans and strut around like a little proud peacock, I would get this sense of "that's it?"  All of the deprivation, hours at the gym, self-obsessing and hatred....that's it?!  Yes, of course being slim feels fucking fantastic, but not mind blowing.  Just okay, really after the novelty of it wears off.  Because 155 pounds or 210 pounds, I am still a bit broken on the inside and this may be my life struggle.  Not fixing my outside, but fixing my inside.

So, yes, Crush's love gets me through my days.  The promise of tomorrow and September and all that jazz.  But, he is just a man.  Just a person and like me, far from perfect.  He is the one for me, but now that I found him, he is not my entire identity.  He is not what defines me.  I am still me.  I am just no longer single.  

I HATED when I was single blog reader and a blogger who I once identified with so much would find a significant other and all of a sudden there was no longer darkness and only LIGHT.  Everything was sunshine and roses.  AMAZING.  Moonlight strolls and sex on the beach.  I was her for a little bit, too.

Now, my honeymoon period is over.  It is.  I think this is where most people stop with the honesty.  Because they don't want to admit that what they yearned for is not all they hoped it would be.  You can still be head of over heels in love with someone and have bad days, weeks, or months.  I met my prince charming and I am still fat, broke, and anxiety-ridden. I am still struggling.  I am still conflicted.

On this birthday (in a few days), I give myself a gift that I never have before....the ability to be myself.  I hope this will be the gift that keeps on giving, until I am old and gray....To say, do, and feel whatever I want.  I give myself the permission to be sad, happy, lonely, or accept failure and to learn from it.  To eat ice cream for breakfast if that is what my body is truly craving.  To have good days even if the scale is not where I want it to be.

This last year, a client that fired me (a miserable person who I should have NEVER agreed to work with....I felt like I HAD to because I helped several of her friends, but it was a bad fit from the very start and I am happy I didn't continue, my biggest mistake was accepting them or not firing them first and this haunts me....) told me that she doesn't know how I can "wake up in the mirror and look at myself because I am such a terrible person, a liar, a con-artist, a fraud."  She told me, "I will never make it in life, never amount to anything" that I will "die unhappy and alone and broken" and all I could think was...YOU.  You are this person.  Not me.  You are projecting your life onto me.  Your divorce, your failed relationships, your fading beauty.

This conversation has taunted me 100s of times a day.  It has.  It has given me doubt.  It has led me to rush to the toilet and vomit sometimes when I think about it at the gym where my mind really wanders.

It was my rock bottom.

Because none of the things she said are true.

If anything, it was my goodness and heart that she will never understand because she is the example of the kind of person I can never help: vapid, stupid, self obsessed, jealous, cunning, and insincere.

And yet, she fascinates does a person like her get the power to make me unhappy?

This is something I am still working on....


  1. You allow a person like that woman to make you unhappy. I think that you may have believed her when she said those things to you. Which is why you get sick from them. I don't know you personally, but judging from your writing and they comments you've left for me being "on my side" so to speak, you are none of those things.

    It hurts me when people are mean like that to others. I think "who raised you to be like that, to think saying things like that is okay?!" Because its never okay to treat anyone like that. It says more about her character than yours, and I know people will say that, and even when someone tells me that I roll my eyes, but its true.

    I think that you need a new mantra for your time left in the midwest. Maybe "I Don't Give A Fuck"? Who cares if you run into some crazy girl? You look crazy by swerving and stopping or turning around. The trick is not letting it look like they got under your skin. Staying cool, calm and collective.

    You are letting the outside influence of raggedy ass peasants dictate your life and actions. Remember that you are better than these lesser's and the best revenge is looking good and feeling fabulous, and if you have to fake it for a few months until your gone, then fake it like you're getting paid!

    Watch some RuPauls Drag Race for inspiration if need be. You should just read all those bitches for filth!!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment!!! I did believe her. I did. And now I feel better that I shared. I appreciate your kindness and support. I get so hurt, too. I am too sensitive for my own good....I am. I do feel like karma is a bitch and bad people eventually get theirs, too. I know this. I believe that I have had some great luck this year because overall I am a good person. Sometimes my kindness is misunderstood. "I Don't Give a Fuck is Right!" I do look cray....I need to keep my cool and act like I am actually in control.....peasants is amazing btw...I will fake it until I make it! And tomorrow after I work a bit....I am going to watch Drag Race while I paint my nails!!! THANK YOU!

  2. I think that woman hit right in your sore spot. Some people have the incredible ability to identify our sore spots and hit where it hurts and that's due to our own view of ourselves, our self esteem, self worth. If you feel like you are in a corner and don't know how to get out, I'd go find a good therapist. If you have given yourself permission to eat ice cream in the morning, remove ice cream from your house and ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you to where you want to be tomorrow.

    I wish I had a good answer on how to help. I have often said to friends "Don't give other people so much power over how you feel about yourself, you are the only one who has the power to stop it."

    Maybe the bottom line is to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for staying with awful, forgive yourself for fucking up whatever job that woman wanted you to do or for even taking her on as a client, and move on. And face the people you fear. Don't hide from them. You take your power back when you face them.

    1. Right in the sore spot! You are SO right. I called my therapist yesterday and I am going to see him this upcoming week. I am going through tons of transitions and it is making me feel super out of control. I know going to talk about it will make me feel tons better. Ice cream is out of the house....I removed it this morning cause it is not the breakfast of champions as much as I think it is.....

      I think you are right....I need to forgive myself. I need to know that it was only my own fear of confrontation that got me into these bad positions. I need to protect myself for all that I am...AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL COMMENT! Always appreciated!!!

    2. Most big life transitions I made sure my therapist was on hand, even when I didn't really think I needed it. It was always great to have someone neutral to talk to who had no other agenda then to help me figure things out.

  3. Oh my fellow Gemini sister! - it all makes so much sense now!!

    Slow down, I'm begging you!

    Here's the thing - your truth matters. You are so much better than how Awful treated you - it just took you a while to realize it.You know you are so much better than what crazy client said. And who are they to pass judgement on your personal life. That is out of bounds and should cancel everything they say out.

    You are getting the prize. You are getting Crush and a cherished life together. By moving, you can take the positive pieces of your past and make an entire new life. You will get there.

    With regard to Crush - it's like what my very first and most amazing psyciatrist told me years ago. Not every day is going to be a good day - in life, work and relationships. Some days we have to work harder at things than others. I often reflect on that because it's so simple and so true.

    Don't hide. Those others should be embarrassed for their behaviors and actions. You can only control what YOU can do. Be proud, continue to be ethical, be strong.

    1. Twins we are....omg, another commonality....

      Thank you. My truth does matter. I never thought of it this

      I love this comment. I just had a huge realization with your are correct, not every day will be a good day. IT IS SO SIMPLE AND TRUE.

      I am going to try to not hide. I am going to try.

      I really appreciate this wonderful advice and insight.

      I am so lucky to have readers like you!


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