Saturday, May 4, 2013

Playlist #1

One of my fav readers, Jennifer, from Belclaire House (AWESOME BLOG!) asked me for a sample playlist that I use for workouts.  YAY!  I have been making a new playlist almost everyday for my biking training sessions, so I will share some of them from time to time.  Here we go and please note that my taste is random and this is for an endurance ride (upbeat aside for warmup and cool down), so great for any cardio workout.  This particular list is a bit over an hour and it goes super fast, I promise!!!  Enjoy and I will share more soon of all different styles.

1.  Feelin' Love by Paula Cole (WARM UP)

2.  Empire State of Mind by Jay Z featuring Alicia Keys

3.  Beauty and a Beat by Justin Beiber featuring Nicki Minaj

4.  Ready To Go by Republica

5.  Vivrant Thing by Q-Tip

6.  Dancing On My Own by Robyn

7.  Slave 4 U by Brittany Spears

8.  All Summer Long by Kid Rock

9.  What's Your Fantasy By Ludacris

10.  Buttons by Pussycat Dolls

11.  Elements by Lindsey Stirling

12.  In Da Wind by Trick Daddy

13.  U + Ur Hand by Pink

14.  Jump by The Pointer Sisters

15.  Shake Your Tailfeather by P Diddy, Nelly Murphy Lee

16.  Father Figure by George Michael (COOL DOWN)

Going to jam it out in the gym to this list myself right now!

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