Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Going Country

I have recently become such a country music fan.

Like obsessed.

I have always enjoyed country music a little bit, but not like this......

I blame it on the fact that when I visit Crush, there are no less than 8 country music stations to listen to....whereas here there is just 1 because every station is pretty much rap/hip hop/top 40.

Top that off with the fact that Crush doesn't even have a CD player (an iPod hookup in there will never happen) in his car (he is currently driving his Grandmother's old car and someone claimed the CD player from his family), so we can either listen to tapes (which Crush HAS) or the radio. Seriously, Crush has never downloaded music and doesn't know how to use an iPod.....this is humorous because I am the MOST technology limited person I know and I seem like Steve Jobs compared to him.

So, country music has found a place in my heart.  From all of the hours in Crush's car down South, I now prefer listening to music about tan lines, jean cut-offs, ponytails, pickup trucks, moonlight kisses, tailgates, cold beer, and homemade wine than listening to music about screwing some ho, big booties, orgies, VIP sections, and strip clubs.....it is all shocking as I used to love listening to hip hop even mere weeks ago, but lately it just annoys me and I can't even get into in at the gym, the one place that it always inspired me to move my own big booty.

Also, I am loving popular country music which is pretty mainstream, so I am not going to tell you anyone you don't know (which I suppose makes me super unoriginal): Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Kip Moore, Jake Owens, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry....it is basically modern Southern Rock in my mind...and I need to listen to my 42 song country play list no less than 4 times a day.

The songs I like remind me of summertime in my teens and 20's.  They were always wild and they were always drunk, but sometimes the best nights were sweet.  Just hanging out with friends, laughing, listening to music, and seeing if there was the small possibility that someone cute may come along and catch my eye.


  1. Country music in the middle of LA was never "cool" until a few years ago. However, it was the ONE thing my father taught me to appreciate. Garth Brooks, Reba M., and now Carrie Underwood - some of my all time favorites.

    Funny story about the iPod hook up. 6 years ago we went to go look for a new car for Hubs. He was waivering between a MB and BMW (I'm MB all the way, he was BMW - now Lexus). They were showing us all the features on the E-class, including an iPod hook up - at the time it was in the glove box. I looked at the sales guy and said, "does it come with an iPod too?" Neither of us had them at the time.

    Fast forward 6 years later, I've had 3 cars, all with hookups - and owned numerous iPad, iPhone, iTouches. It's like I was living in the dark ages.

    1. Crush would think the iPod came with the car, too!!!!!! Love that story! It is like living in the dark ages....I slowly came around myself.....there is a learning curve.

  2. R&F... My girls grew up in TX but I grew up in CT. My girls, esp #1 adore country music. I'm not much of a fan but I get a kick out of the lyrics. Have a great day!

  3. Rabbit loves country music, whenever I use a work truck that he was in previously, its always on the one country station in San Diego. It makes me smile a bit as the top songs are kinda cheesy at times, but its starting to grow on me.

    Although I will say, I love the old country music, like the real old stuff, one man and a guitar type music. Have you listened to the country strong soundtrack? I love it!! I downloaded both albums, as the second one is the actors renditions (which I loved) and the first is a mix of some actors singing them, and then the original artists. "Me and Tennessee" by Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw, and "Timing is Everything" by Garret Hedlum (the actor), LOVE THEM!

    1. They grew on me, too....be careful! I used to think it was the cheesiest...but now here I am rocking to things like "Girl, you make my speakers go boom boom...."

      I need to check out the Country Strong soundtrack....I bet I will love it, thank you for the suggestion!!!!


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