Sunday, May 19, 2013

Popcorn Passion

My Lean Pockets addiction is under control.  The cure is pretty simple....I can no longer have Lean Pockets near me....too tempting.  I ate 4 of them in less than 24 hours and I could have eaten another 400 if they were around.....Lean Pockets are now in the category of foods I can NEVER be left alone with which includes: pizza, Cheetos, Wheat Thins, string cheese, granola bars, pasta, ice cream, pretzels, and cereal.

Sadly, I don't even like all of the above that much (besides pizza, ice cream, and Cheetos....THOSE I ADORE!)....just when I am around them, they trigger me.

Popcorn on the other hand, is something I can trust myself around.  Yes, sometimes, I pop 2 snack sized bags, but it is much better than eating an entire box of Wheat Thins.

My popcorn obsession began in college when it was a very safe and low point option when I first did WeightWatchers.  Now, since the WW program changes just about every 2 years, it is not that friendly, but still a better salty snack choice when I really need something crunchy (AND A CARROT WILL NOT DO!) which is just about every afternoon.....OY!

Enter Orville Redenbacher's Natural Popcorn Lime & Salt.   I know it sounds weird, but it isn't.  Mexican food had a lot of corn based delicacies and salt and lime are often used to emphasize flavors.

I get mine at Wal-Mart.  It is sometimes a bit tricky to find at the grocery store and Amazon (the link I provided) has it, too.

YUM.  This stuff is perfection for me.  Salty, crunchy, a bit feels super bad, but it isn't THAT bad.  A single serving bag (a large portion, more than a 100 cal bag) is 6 WeightWatchers points and some days it is so worth it for me.

I find this popcorn tastes a lot like the lime and salt chips from Chipotle.  I go to Chipotle for a burrito bowl, but really in my heart for the chips because I ALWAYS have to get them and a bag of those babies without even guac are too many points to count....

Whenever I have dieted before, it has always been about deprivation until now.  I am finding better success when I swap something I love for something I love that is less calories, but equally satisfying.  For me, this popcorn works.  Hope you will love it if you decide to try it!


  1. I pop my own with coconut oil or olive oil, depending on if I'm making sweet or savory. I used it with coconut oil for the first time last night, and it cooked very well, that stuff is a miracle from the heavens from all angles! Then I sprinkled 2 tablespoons of hot cocoa mix on it. It was amaze.

    Usually I pop it with truffle EVOO and add grated parmesan and dried oregano and basil. Its the only time I'll eat grated parmesan.

    However, I have to make popcorn this way because I refuse to have a microwave in my kitchen. I will have to find a way to incorporate chili and lime, that sounds delish.

    And although I try not to eat corn in general, I've been making it another food group lately, I don't know what's up with that! It would to be a bi monthly treat for me, but I made it like 4 times last week!

    1. OMG....coconut oil with the hot cocoa....I must try it!!!!

      I love grated parm and must try this variation as are so gourmet!

      I didn't have a microwave in my last apartment (before I lived with Awful and before I lived with the folks) and I liked it and it helped me get away from Lean Pockets and Lean I best go back to that place!

      Popcorn always keeps me full and happy. Lots of fiber!

      I have been eating lots of corn as I am still mostly off gluten....but, well, not for the Lean Pockets.

      Thank you for the great tips!!!

  2. For me it's Birthday Cake Oreos. I am powerless around them! Wheat Thins, me too, especially the new flavored ones. That popcorn sounds good for a movie night, I'll have to check it out.

    1. I must never try those Oreos....those will me a great magnet for me, too. I can tell just from the name!

      I ate an entire box of the Sundried Tomato and Basil Wheat Thins a few weeks was not a proud moment for me!

      As for the popcorn, you will love it!!!

  3. Chipotle is all sorts of goodness wrapped into one. The lime rice, the chips and guac. I can't bring myself to go there because it is too tempting. And the bastards opened one across from the gym.

    I am ordering the popcorn STAT!

    1. Chipotle is powerful....I am literally obsessed! The lime rice and the chips and the gauc have a hold over me....don't even get me started on how yummy their sour cream is....HEAVEN!!! There are 2 (TWO!!!!) on the way to my gym and I have indeed used it as a bribe to get myself there....

      You will love the popcorn!!!


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