Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Card

My parents received a very special card yesterday.

It was from Crush.

He was wishing them happy holidays.  This was his own idea and I love that he will do these little sweet gestures organically.  He doesn't need to be told what to do to make me happy, he just does it.

In the card, he let my parents know how excited he is to meet them next month, how happy he is that we met, and how much he cares about me......he declared his love, but not in a cheesy scary stalker way (how my parents refer to Awful).  It was sweet and perfect and so romanic and old fashioned, just like how Crush treats me.

My mom read the card and handed it to my dad and then they both looked at each other and started to happy cry.  It was real sweet.  Then they both hugged me.

My dad also announced that it was truly a "holiday miracle" know, me finding a man that everyone actually approves of because he is well....actually nice, not a liar, and not an alcoholic (the fact he is Jewish is really the icing on the cake).  Sweet.

I think they finally now know what I have been feeling for months....Crush may just be the one.

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