Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm Back & 10 Things Including Some Big Reveals

I have been working tons for the last few weeks.  I just finished my last work obligation here for a long while and I feel such relief.  Sigh.  I can breathe.  I did a great job and I am proud of myself.  I proved to myself that I could.  I am the kind of person that always comes through when I am given the chance.  But, when someone doubts me, I start to doubt myself and then I can spiral into a very bad place.  My mom asked me last night, "why do you need your clients to love you?" and it made me think.  I don't anymore.  In the last few months, I realized that I cannot control the drama and emotional turmoil surrounding my job when it comes to a client's particular relationship with their family.  Often, when I get blamed for things it is because of dysfunctional family relationships.  I have started to step back from things ever so slightly and the results have been positive.  The less I become invested in shit that isn't my business, the better.

Now, for a list of some updates including some big reveals about me:

1.  I move in 10 days.  I am beginning to pack today.

2. I have been doing really well using a calorie tracker.  It is helping me with my hunger cues and knowing when I should stop eating if I do not want to gain weight.  Most of my past eating was mindless and emotional, so becoming a bit more familiar with the science behind calories in and calories out actually comforts me (WeightWatchers was the only way I ever lost weight before and I never learned calories, only Points).  I feel in control with food for the first time in over 3 years.

3.  Big Baby turns three in 2 weeks.  I cannot believe how fast time goes.  Crush and I are planning to head up to visit Sissy and the family at the beginning of October, more to come on that below.

4.  Crush is taking me to NYC to pick out my engagement ring.  It is the real reason why we are heading up to see Sissy, but family trumps material things, so the visit comes first.  He is familiar with a jeweler there and since he knows I am particular (I will admit, spoiled and obnoxious about this certain thing) he told me that he wants me to love whatever he gets me, so I can chose it.  Also, he likes the idea of buying my ring in the city I was born in.  I was born in Manhattan and lived on the East Coast for the first third of my life.

5.  There was a very famous band at the wedding I planned this weekend.  Oh yes, if you haven't figured it out, I am a wedding planner. They were SUPER nice and courteous and gentlemanly. Some of their wives are models and they were also very sweet.  It made me think, if someone who has won Grammys can have common courtesy, then the people who treat me like shit when I am trying to help them, have no excuse.

6.  I am moving to Charleston, South Carolina.

7.  It is almost my 1 year anniversary of this blog.

8.  I need to work on my resume, website, and get new business cards printed this week.  I have been pushing this off until I finished my event this weekend.  It is go time.

9.  I am going to miss some of my friends here in Chicago more than I thought I would since I am just so excited about getting out of a place that has never been good for me.  That is right, the Windy City is where I have spent most of life other than the first third and college.  I started bawling yesterday thinking about them.  I don't always do a great job letting people into my life, but when I love you, I do for life.   This past year, I have made a few new friends that I know will be around forever and it is always comforting to know that friends come and go, but real friends, the ones that are in your heart, well, they stay with you forever.

10.  My favorite client (EVER!) bought me a T3 SinglePass Whirl styling wand for a thank you gift after I mentioned I wanted one during a hair trial appointment.  Life changing.  I now have good hair days in less than 10 minutes.  Just wear the glove it comes with.  I have burned my hands (and cheek!) a few times trying to get the hang of it.

Hope all is well out there and I will be back to posting regularly this week!


  1. OMG!!!! I had a feeling you were a wedding planner... You are so lucky - I have heard of nothing but wonderful things about Charleston. NYC for your diamond? My hubby got mine at the diamond district. I am so darn happy for you. One question... did you live in the city of chicago or the burbs? I have a guess. Congrats.. so happy for you. You better include pics on your new life!!

    1. Charleston is THE BEST! I love it so much. I would live anywhere with Crush, but the fact that I get to live in SC, just makes the whole thing a bit sweeter. As for NYC, we are going to the diamond district, too! I am very excited. My folks live in the burbs and I lived in the city until I came home. I spent all of my 20s after college in the city. I will be posting photos of my new life. Also, congrats on your big move East! Very exciting news indeed and Texas will miss you.

  2. I would argue that Charleston is THE prettiest city in the South. When you mentioned Crush's family and old money, I wondered if that's where he was from.

    Also, lucky you, because I think Charleston weddings are just the prettiest too. I've been stalking Jewish weddings in Charleston for inspiration. :)

    1. It is indeed charming. New Orleans had my heart (other than the quarter) up until Charleston, I just can't get enough. I am going to check out Savannah soon and can't wait for that, too.

      I hope your wedding planning is going well! I look so forward to reading your new blog and I am beyond happy for you and your mister to be.

      If you need any help on wedding ideas, you just let me know (free of charge). Crush's sis had one of the most stunning weddings (in Charleston and Jewish!) ever. Reading your blog helped me through some of my toughest times and inspired me to start my own.

      I wish you the very best with this next chapter and I hope to read more about it when you are ready (and I am sure when you have time...things must be busy busy with the planning as they always are!)!

      XXXX - R&F

  3. Wives are models... I'm thinking of two bands, Mumford and Sons, or Kings of Leon. Although they are kinda bigger bands, would they play a wedding? Well, Kanye West just played at some middle eastern birthday party or whatever, so money's money.

    I love the new info about you! Move in 10 days, engaged in like 30!

    I love my curling wand. Its a little tricky when I work on the right side, but I'm getting used to it. Luckily I've only burned my fingers a bit and not my face. I don't like using the glove. Best curls, waaaaaay better than a curling iron. I use that and Bumble and Bumble surf spray and its perfection.

    1. You know your music! I cannot confirm which band, but it was indeed one of the two you mentioned. Impressive.

      I have trouble on my right side, too! Lots of trouble. I am practicing and still wearing my glove as it helps me curl my ends. I love B&B surf spray, I just wish it wasn't so dang pricey.

  4. The trifecta! Moving, new career and fab ring. You have it all. I'm over the top thrilled for you, mazel tov. You've been through so much and to come out sparkling on the other side is a wonderful thing!

    1. Aww, thank you so much for your kind words! They made my day! Happy New Year to you and I hope you have a wonderful Yom Kippur as well.

  5. First: I really hope you weren't the planner for my cousin Mara's 9/2007 wedding. If so, I apologize for my extended family.

    Second: your curling wand recommendation is very timely. Thank you.

    Third (and most important): I am so excited and happy for you. Honestly. You deserve all the best and I'm so glad you're moving towards it. Can't wait to follow your adventures in the south!

    1. I wasn't the wedding planner, but I bet Mara's wedding was lovely! What I have seen with the family (often the culprit of everything that goes wrong) is insane. I can't wait to post a bit about it after I officially get my tush out of Chicago.

      That curling iron is the best. It will burn your fingers and face without caution, but my hair (and me) think that the job it does is well worth the risk.

      I am so excited to share my adventures down south and thank you for your kindness. I love reading all about you and the Coach stories always leave me wanting more details....swoon.


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