Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Moving Day

Today is the day! I leave in a few hours.

Dad and I broke the trip into 3 days/2 nights as we have the U-Haul and can't go too fast.  We will stop overnight in Cincinnati, OH and Asheville, NC as we make our way down to Charleston.

I am all set.  Packed, CDs (I am old school) are ready to be played in the car, I have healthy snacks for the road on ice in my cooler.  Water and electric get turned on Friday and cable (Bravo, oh how I have missed you!) and Internet on Saturday.

I cannot believe I am here.

Moving day.

Heading south to my new life. Only 1,000 miles (987 to be exact) stretch between what already happened and what is yet to come.

I will be offline for the rest of the week settling in, unpacking, and enjoying a little time with Crush and his family.  My Mom (I have the BEST folks) is flying down to meet us for a long a weekend (she is smart enough to pass on the drive, but will arrive just in time for the congratulatory cocktails!) and to see Crush's parents and grandmother. I am excited to get myself to the beach, to a few new restaurants, and to the gym (LOVE the spinning studio there as you all know because I can't stop talking about it!).

I am taking 2 entire weeks off (I will blog during this rest period after Saturday when I get my wifi) to get into a good routine (learn my way around mostly), relax, and take a mini road trip to NJ/NYC to see Sissy (and her crew, Big Baby turns 3!)) and pick out my bling.  Then, the grueling job hunt will begin though I shouldn't complain as it is already showing some great promise.

I look forward to getting a bit more personal after I arrive in Charleston and who knows...maybe even share a few photos?!  I have lots of fun tidbits to blog about and I can't wait to fill you (y'all!) in!

Have a wonderful week and be back soon!




  1. How exciting!!! :) Huge congratulations to you on this awesome change in your life. Best of luck, safe travels and easy moving vibes to you. :) Can't wait to hear from you again with an update!

  2. You've made it! I can't wait for everything even more wonderful to come your way. Safe travels and big hugs.

  3. Sounds exciting, except the driving, and of course taking another long trip after you arrive! That sounds bleh, but at least its with Crush, so that should be a good time! Safe travels!

  4. Happy moving day and good luck!!


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