Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An Accomplishment That I Am Proud Of

It has been busy around here.  I have been packing, completing my new website, eating tons of sandwiches (I am recently obsessed with Jimmy Johns and find it to be so satisfying and filling), and saying farewell to dear old friends.

For years (5 to be exact), I have been super into Spinning.  I have mentioned it before.  Don't be confused with Flywheel or SoulCycle or any of that jazz, I like the old standard, Spinning.  The real deal.  Not indoor cycling classes that may be at your gym, Spinning.  The type of cycling class that can only be found at a certified Spinning studio or a gym that endorses the program.  Spinning classes are called Spinning and everything else that is on a bike at a gym in a group setting that isn't endorsed by Spinning falls under the umbrella of indoor cycling.  I know I sound annoying, but take it from someone who didn't know the difference and tried countless non-Spinning cycling classes and wondered why she hated them because it was still cycling to music...light bulb moment, it wasn't Spinning.  Yes, I am a dumdum sometimes.

Of course, in my typical difficult fashion, I became obsessed with something 15 years after it was really cool.  In the kismet mess improving reality that is my life, Charleston has perhaps the best Spinning studio I have ever experienced.  No excuses now to get in shape.  I just bought a 20 pack of rides this very morning.

Well, after hundreds of real Spinning classes, several pounds lost, (and then regained because of binging from depression and not Spinning) and exposure to some fabulous music I would have never heard otherwise, I, yes, Ready and Fading, became a Certified Spinning Instructor over the weekend.

Pick your jaws off the floor.

I am super excited about it and plan to teach some classes (I have taught a few cycling classes in Spinning fashion already, but not as a certified AKA real Spinning instructor!) down south.  I can't wait to play some super techno mixed in with my country tunes.  I learned over the weekend that a successful Spinning class should have over 5 genres of music to keep things interesting.  I am ready to make those play lists.

Some people connect with running, yoga, Zumba, or pilates.  Spinning is my go-to.  I love the team environment, the personal challenge, the music, the energy, the 1 hour commitment.  I am pumped to become involved with my new Spinning studio and hopefully teach there one day.  It is my next fitness goal now that I am certified.  Since my new studio is so boss, it is quite difficult to become an instructor there, but I plan on making it happen one ride at a time.

I don't plan on joining a gym.  I plan to work on strength myself and then get my cardio in with Spinning and outdoor bike rides.  There are no words to express my excitement about getting to ride a bike year round!  WHOOT!

That's all for now, just needed to boast that I did something I have dreamt of for years.  I am proud.

Ride on.


  1. First of all, LOVE Jimmy Johns. Yum! Second, congrats on the spinning instructor certification! Sounds like a good time, and a great way to be active and take charge of something you enjoy. :)

    1. Jimmy John's is too delicious for words. I do miss the sprouts of past years (before all of the outbreaks that made them scary), but my #4 with the standard cucumber still more than hits the spot. My love of Spinning even annoys me. I totally drank the kool-aid, but I will take any exercise motivation I can get! I had wanted to to do this for far too long and then convinced myself that I was too fat, but I proved myself wrong. I do feel too fat for myself, but I can still Spin like a maniac.

  2. Your love of spinning is like my love of yoga. I get real technical and hi handed about it, but that's just because its near and dear to my heart. Congrats on getting certified. I'm sure if you become a regular at the new studio, then friends with everyone there, you will be a shoe-in when a position opens!

  3. Hurray for you! Hurray, hurray, hurray. You are fabulous, you Spinning Queen, you!

  4. Congratulations on the many good things that are happening for you!

  5. That's so great! Congratulations!

  6. Congrats!! I'm proud of you too!

  7. You are a rock star! I wish I could take your classes!


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