Saturday, July 13, 2013

Going to Graceland

Crush and I planned to not see each other at all this summer.  I am super busy finishing up my work obligations and I am focusing on bettering myself with diet, exercise, and therapy.  When I get in the zone, it is best for me to stay there a while.

The other day, Crush called me to tell me that he just had to see me.  Atypical behavior for him as he is often a cool customer.  Crush shared that he would love to spend a few days away just the 2 of us.  His treat.  In neither of our hometowns, so we can relax, sleep in, and do whatever we want to do.  Crush would plan and book all of the details.  How could I say no?

We actually need this little trip very much.  The last few visits have been full of events, family, and friends.  We have had many incredible times in the company of the ones we love, but we haven't had a just us visit since NYE.

I like alone time with my significant other.  Many of my past relationships didn't allow for this after a while and I believe that in some ways it is what helped destroy the bonds that started strong and weakened over time.  Couples need to plan the "just the 2 of us" time even if it is a mere date a few times a month to reconnect.  There has been so much excitement about the future that Crush and I have lost a bit of the we that we shared in the beginning.

So, in 5 weeks, Crush and I will be heading to Memphis.  We plan to tour Graceland, Sun Studios, and the Gibson Guitar Factory.  We will tear up the town on Beale, see the ducks parade at The Peabody Hotel, and have some nice suppers.  Crush said it best, "I just want to have fun with my miss" and I agree, I can't wait to walk hand in hand, have some happy hour cocktails overlooking the Mississippi River, and order late night room service.  I plan to even bring my workout clothes, so I can balance the BBQ with some cardio.  I have learned that even the littlest changes in the right direction can create some big results.

Crush and I will also celebrate our first anniversary of correspondence and Mister Crush's 35th birthday while we are in Memphis.  Last year, the week I will now be spending with Crush in Memphis, I spent with Smartie Best Friend down South while she helped her gorgeous littlest sister acclimate to college at a major institution in a little sleepy state.  I had an incredible time: I got mistaken for a mom (of a college aged kid!) several times, drank many incredible martinis, and had out of control good sushi and Thai.  I reminisced about college, felt old, felt thankful that I wasn't in college anymore (I need my sleep now), and I even slept on a freshman door room floor after I had a 2 hour laughing fit with Smartie and her sis about it (I think my back still hurts from this...!).

I remember telling Smartie Best Friend about this guy on who lived in a different city than me and no way or how did I EVER expect that a year later I would be moving 1200 miles towards a new life with him.  I must admit that I was a bit of a bitter betty on the college trip as I was feeling very desperate, alone, and lost.  I started this blog soon thereafter....never thinking that I would meet Crush in person in October and we would fall in love so quickly.

It is a pretty neat story now that I think about it.  I wished for my Crush on a Florida trip with 1 of my best friends in June 2012 and sent my first email back to Crush on a college trip with 1 of my best friends in August 2012....KISMET!

I have said it before and I will say it again, you just never know when your life will change....

Have any of you glorious readers been or live in Memphis?  If so, please share some of your hot spot and restaurant recommendations.  We will be doing mostly touristy stuff, but I know it is always best to ask suggestions from those in the know when it comes to music, food, and booze.  Any ideas are appreciated!!!!


  1. How exciting...wish I could give you advice on Memphis but I just drive through there with #2 when we go to Virginia. I'm sure you are going to have a wonderful time. I don't know whether I can wait 5 weeks!!!!hehe

    1. Hehehe. I don't think we will be sharing that kind of news quite yet.... I am just over the moon that he is taking the initiative. I am a planner by nature, but sometimes, I like to just show up!

  2. What a great idea he had and he's planning it all :) that's special.

  3. I think that is absolutely adorable and sounds like a BLAST! I love that he took the initiative and that you will be in a place that you only have each other.

    And Elvis.


    1. Hahahahaha. So true. I am oddly excited to go to Graceland. It is one of those places that I have always wanted to visit, but no one ever wanted to go with me....


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