Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Motorcycles, Migraines, and Mania


Third time is a charm, indeed!  I saw Awful yesterday in rush hour traffic on 1 of his many motorcycles.  He was weaving in a out of traffic like a wobbly jerk and from that riding style alone....I knew it was him.  He had a lady on the back, someone I presume is his new main squeeze as they were wearing matching helmets....Now, when I tell you what I did....I am giggling while I type this, because, who am I?! will be clear that I have a screw loose....because I followed him.  Before everyone gets their undergarments all in a ruffle, in my defense, he cut me off, not knowing it was me, and because I have become much more chill than months past, I calmly muttered to myself, but did not open the window and yell "F*CK OFF!" as old me may have done....but, his a-hole riding did catch my eye because it was so dangerous and unsteady and stupid.....textbook Awful.

He was wearing his navy fleece vest with his boat name on the chest (which he loves), a rolled up button down shirt, khaki shorts,  and his boat shoes.  Basically, his summer uniform.  I actually did enjoy the way Awful dressed as I love prep, but honestly no one does prep better than my Crush (prep school will bring out the authentically prep in anyone!) and Smartie Best Friend's Hubby....cause she dresses him SO WELL in tons of preppy pink.

 So....back to the stalking....I followed Awful off the exit ramp (1 exit earlier than my destination), to get a better look and then I pulled up right beside him and stared.  Yes.  I open mouth stared.  I have no idea what came over me.  We locked eyes.  And.....well......he gave me a goofy wave....and something came over my body and I waived back....!  

I am not sure if he connected it was me, it seemed like more of a reaction to the lady (ME!) staring at him.  He was wearing sunglasses, so I am not sure if there was recognition in his eyes.  But, I can tell you this....he is no longer thin and a part of me felt bad about that...because here I am all rejoined at WeightWatchers for the upmteenth time....weight loss is a bitch!

When we broke up, he went a a HUGE diet, I think to prove me wrong (I wanted him to lay off the sauce and he did when we broke up and only when we broke up and went on a starvation plan and lost like 50 pounds in mere months) and seeing him big again, well it pulled at my heart strings.  Because I know how hard it is to struggle with the weight and we did have emotional eating in common.  We just brought out the worst in each other in every way possible. I didn't get a super good look at his main squeeze, but she was thin and petite (like his ex-wife) and she looked into him and my goodness.....I know, crazy talk here, but I am happy for him and I think that this interaction was the peace, perhaps.  I saw him, he appears to be in a relationship, he looks worse than when I saw him last, and we waived.....the end. Do I still hate him?  Yes.  But, do I feel a new sense of closure.  Yes.

Now, the only thing I would have done differently had I been engaged, was waive my left hand and not my right...but, Crush and I just aren't there yet...more to come on that down below.


I had the worst one I have ever had in my life last night.  Right behind my eyes.  I couldn't do anything but lay in the dark and moan and throw up.  It is stress related.  I never got them before this past year and I this is my third major one....not fun.


Lately, Crush and I have been fighting.  Major blowouts.  I shouldn't engage with him, but I do.  He still hasn't been able to tell me where I should live (small town or city), and I decided a while back, I was just going to do the city...Well, I then got an email saying, "if you do not live in the same place as me, I will understand, but it may delay our process as a couple.."


Are you threatening me, my dear Crush?

You see, I know he is working on a ring for me because I live with my folks and they told me....really when he asked them for my ring size, which I had to get measured for especially now that I am fluffy and gained some poundage.  Secret agents (my parents) told me that he is now working with a jeweler in the Big Apple to design me some shine, so I want my sparkles (really I want to begin my next phase in life and shhhhh....I really just want to have a baby...shhhhh, but true, I am years past wanting to be a bride, but I do love me a party, so we will see, we will see), but mostly, I don't want to be given ultimatums WHEN MY BOYFRIEND OF 10 MONTHS CANNOT TELL ME WHERE TO LIVE IN HIS STATE!!!!!!!

Oy, oy, oy.

I will mention this again because I have to keep telling myself this....Crush has an issue with processing, so making decisions.  He has no problems as far as I am concerned as he is intelligent, comes from AN AWESOME (love them more everyday) family, owns a home and is about to own another....and oh yes, he has more money in the bank than most people I know at our age (or my Dad's), champagne problems here people...but, my man cannot decide where to live because he makes such a big deal OUT OF EVERYTHING that simple decisions (like what to eat for lunch) are hard for him.  Good news: I noticed this early on and encouraged him to see a therapist and now he is and I am seeing some change (you can't change a man, but sometimes you can encourage one!).....I think his email being all ballsy is a way of communicating his, I did what I do best and I emailed him back:

"Listen, you are the one I want to be with and I cannot wait any longer to apply for jobs, redo my website, and put a security deposit down on a place to live.  You snooze, you lose.  I guess, if you don't want to propose unless we live in the same place, then, well, we may not be engaged as soon as you led me to believe because you cannot give me the name of where I should live.  I am fine dating as long as you need to figure things out....I guess this is just a wait and see sort of thing now, but my life is moving forward with or without your "PLAN" because I have been waiting for a final one since February.  I am making things too easy for you and you struggle with decisions, so now I am deciding for me and I am living in the city and plan to get myself settled there."

I realize that as much as I love Crush and adore him, I need to worry about ME.  And I am pretty sure that ME will become US, but at the end of the day...

Well, I am the person that needs to come first now.


  1. Did you get Crush out of your system?!
    Migraines suck. I have had less than a handful and feel for you in every way. I hope you are feeling better.
    As for moving, don't relinquish all control to Crush until there is an official diamond ring on that finger gurrrrrl!

    1. Yes....Awful I think, well, that chapter is closed! I don't know if I will ever even speak of him and that again...too many other good things to share!

      I am feeling hungover with the migraine today, but indeed better...they suck SO BAD! I hope this is not a regular thing!

      I am not giving Crushie the control.....I need my bling bling and I like my independence, too. I am craving it. As a Gemini...when you tell me what to do, I often do the opposite!!!

  2. Excellent view and guess what, I bet your anxiety to see fat ass Asshole ex is easing a bit. face your fears and they suddenly become what.....a fat asshole on a bike with some woman in mediocre preppy clothes. :) He's a looser. :) - Englandia (started a new blog;)

    1. I want to read this blog!!!! Thank you for the comment and you are so right!


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