Friday, January 10, 2014


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!

I worked my last event ever in Chicago and boy does it feel good.  Calm.  It was a wedding for an incredible couple that I am obsessed with and their big celebration turned out just as it should have.  A true reflection of who they are as people and fun, fun, fun!  It was a New Years Eve wedding after all.

Throughout the planning process with this particular bride, I admired her outlook about her wedding.  She was excited beyond belief, but she was also calm and realistic.  She knew that some things were clearly out of her budget and that some people (family at very limited blips) were causing drama because they wanted to be heard.  This little lady kept her poise and focused on the one thing that would always be constant, the love she has for her fiance now husband.  Many times while working with her, I thought to myself, "Ready and Fading, when you get engaged, be like her.  Promise yourself.  She has the right attitude."

Well.  I must report, I have been chill.  Checking things off of my wedding list 1 item at a time.

Last Saturday, I bought a wedding dress!  I made this decision after trying on 4 dresses total.  Yup, you read that right.  Not 40 or 400.  4.

I knew what I wanted and I didn't feel like trying on a million dresses to get there.  I am not the kind of gal that needs to see every single option when 1 works well.

I also have to add that I have been to this particular store dozens of times, they know me and I had sent them inspiration photos of dresses I liked before I came in for my dress appointment.  Also, I worked in bridal retail for a while early in my career, so I am familiar with what designers and styles work best for a tall and curvy lady like myself.

The place where I purchased was also a little surprised at how the appointment progressed.  I am an easy bride after all!  It can go both ways with people in the wedding industry.  To show their appreciation, they are doing all alterations and customizations for me complimentary.  In addition, they gave me a veil as a gift, but lets not forget that I brought in many brides to buy their own dresses, so that gesture was probably more of a thank you for business than a thank you for not being a difficult bitch.  It was extremely kind of them and I must put a thank you in the mail for them ASAP.

One of the questions my clients often ask me is how to get discounts.  Chicago people have this notion (and most likely people in other places, too, I am just most familiar with Chicago) that their wedding makes them entitled to recieve free things and if they are difficult, mean, hateful and scary that they will get these things.


The answer is really quite simple.  Be kind, decisive, gracious and do your research before you commit to something.  You will see, 9 times out of 10, you will be rewarded with something grand for free because the vendor and venue are used to people being entitled assholes.  Kindness is recognized and appreciated.

The dress is so me, just want I wanted.  A bit sexy, yet sweet.  Shows off my shape but not inappropriate (I don't love tons of bridal cleavage, just my personal taste).  I am also adding some 3/4 sleeves to it, so the designer is customizing the dress for me and I will be the only with it, so that is pretty cool if you are into that sort of thing.

Hope everyone is staying warm out there and Happy 2014!!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness: so exciting! Congrats on your last event in Chicago and on finding your dress with such ease!

  2. R&f... I have missed you!! So happy things are moving along. You sound very happy. Love hearing about all your progress!! Keep posting.

  3. Glad you found a great dress and got perks, hope you avoided that awful ice storm madness I saw on the news!


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