Sunday, January 19, 2014

What I Read Twice A Day

Two years ago, in the height of my depression, my mom and I would often Marshall & Max (wander Marshalls and T.J. Maxx) to buy things we didn't need.  My mom finds the best stuff during these hunts.  She is a designer label bloodhound.

On one of our regular Fridays night runs, I wandered into the home goods section, tears streaming down my bloated cheeks, crying that I no longer had an apartment or home (Awful did own a pretty cute single family home in Lincoln Park) to decorate.  My life had all of a sudden boiled down to 20/20 and bargain hunting on Fridays with my mom (whom I LOVE to INFINITY AND BEYOND TIMES A TRILLION MILLION, but nonetheless, it wasn't all ideal) instead of seeing friends, attending parties and chowing down at restaurant openings. As I strolled by the wroght iron mirrors, mismatched candle stick holders and half eaten gourmet treats (WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS PARTIALLY MUNCH AT MARSHALLS AND TJ MAXX?!?!?), my peepers landed on this:

This is your life.  Find a passion and pursue it.  Fall in love.  Dream big.  Drink wine, eat great food and spend quality time with good friends.  Laugh everyday.  Believe in magic.  Tell stories.  Reminisce about the good old days, but look with optimism to the future.  Travel often.  Learn more.  Be creative.  Spend time with people you admire.  Seize opportunities when they reveal themselves.  Love with all of your heart.  Never give up.  Do what you love.  Be true to who you are.  Make time to enjoy simple things in life..  Spend time with family.  Forgive even when it's hard.  Smile often.  Be grateful.  Be the change you wish to see in the world.  Follow your dreams.  Try new things.  Work hard.  Don't count the minutes could the laughs.  Embrace change,  Trust in yourself.  Be thankful.  Be nice to everyone.  Be happy.  Live for today.  And about all.....make every moment count. 

My heart skipped a beat.  It was a sign.  A sign, sign.  This was everything I needed to tell myself.  So many of my favorite mantras all rolled into one.  I had to have it.   I found my mom across the store and showed it to her.  She read it aloud and her eyes filled with tears.   Mom told me, "Read this everyday.  Follow the advice and I know good things will come in due time." 

I brought it home and set it on my childhood dresser, so I could read it everyday.  It reminded me to work on my weaknesses and cultivate my strengths.   

When I moved to Charleston, I hung it in my bathroom.  It's the place I spend way too much time in and head to right when I wake up and right before I go to bed.  Now, every morning and night, I read my magic sign and find peace.  I strongly recommend finding a sign like this or a quote you love and displaying it in your personal space.  It will remind you of the person you truly are every time you pass by.  Take the time to read it and watch the positivity come your way. 


  1. Oh, I love that! I love things like that in general and have a bunch saved to a folder on my laptop called "Wisdom". They are great to read on a daily basis, but also in difficult moments.

  2. Love TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They always have those great kinda signs there.

    Or large ceramic poodles, which are quite awesome too!

  3. TJM and Marshalls always lift my spirits. Love the sign.


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