Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dress Inspiration

Okay, before I get all wedding on you, I will explain that this is NOT going to turn into a wedding blog.  I do not plan on posting photos of all of the details I like/want for my wedding.  I actually don't care that much about all that anyway.  So, I won't be showing you chevron detailed paper straws in my wedding colors and envision how cute they will look in my signature drink also in my wedding colors.  I am not even having a signature drink.  I still need to figure out my wedding colors.

BUT.......A few months ago, before I even got engaged, I started looking at wedding dresses online.  I know, I know.  I was that girl.  I just couldn't help it.

You see, I have seen a lot of wedding dresses in my day.  I have sold them.  I have dressed (and undressed!) brides on their big days.  I even tried a few on years ago when the bridal shop I worked for asked me to (they wanted to figure out what dresses look best on specific body types....I was the curvy example).

I started to become a bit obsessed with finding the right dress for me because I am still struggling with the mixed feelings I have about my body.  I know it is just a number on the scale and I know that I have made huge strides in confronting my food addiction.  I just feel like I let myself go body-wise when I became very depressed.  It is something I think about all too often.  Before I dated Awful, my body was on point and it was something I had worked very hard for.  I just don't want to keep doing all the work if it isn't going to stick.  That's why I am getting to the root of my issues.  Yo-yo weight loss/gain is exhausting.

I love strapless wedding gowns.  They look good on most everyone, but me.  My shoulders are very broad and my boobs are a bit far apart.  Essentially, a strapless dress makes me look like a linebacker.  I have happily worn them when I have been asked (like as a bridesmaid), but if I had my choice about what looks best on me, it would be something v-neck that opens up my chest area.

The other issue I personally have with strapless is the bra issue. As I mentioned above, my boobs live in the same development, but they aren't exactly neighbors.  A strapless bra gives me no cleavage, so when I wear them, all I am left with is a deflated chest and a pile of back fat....strapless bras give me the worst back fat!!!!

Okay, there is one more thing.  Strapless dresses never seem to stay in place.  I have planned countless weddings where the bride had to yank up her gown constantly and the only thing I could do to help involved a few stitches and some double sided tape.  Nothing makes me more self-conscious than when I feel like I have to tug at my clothes.  It is one of the reasons why I often avoid things that tie around my waist.  I love the look, but it makes me constantly fidget....I am always seeking just the right place on my waist.  And no, I will not be wearing a bridal belt on my big day, even though I know they are in right now and are quite adorable.

So, what I wanted was specific.  I decided I wanted some sleeves (to cover up my psoriasis in case I have an outbreak and help me avoid any dress pulling up) and that I liked the look of lace when it came to a more full coverage style dress.  Lace is a bit delicate and also offers a very close fit.   The issue is that since I am a real women with real curves and lumps and bumps...I needed lace with structure.  That is hard to find!  So much of the lace with sleeves styles that I found were either super matronly, very sheer and nightie-like, or very boho which works great for beachy and outdoor weddings, but not at all for me....SIDENOTE: I would love to be a chill gal who crunches organic granola all day because I often have girl crushes on chickies like this, but I am a control freak and thus I will never be a boho bride.

I searched and searched and searched for example photos of what I wanted and I couldn't find anything....then I came across this:

It was everything I wanted and more.....OMG, this is also my first photo ever on this blog!!!  Exciting! This stunning bride customized her dress and added those sleeves on and it gave me a great idea.  I could easily add the sleeves if I couldn't find the exact dress I wanted.  It was more important to choose a flattering neckline and shape than worry about something specifically with sleeves.  Duh.

I am happy to report that even though my dress isn't exactly like this (mine has a bit less skirt) is pretty close.  It could be cousins.  I am VERY excited about it!  Sometimes I hate on technology, but inspiration photos aren't always a bad idea.  I mean, without this photo, I would have never found the lacey number that I can't wait to wear.

And this concludes the wedding jazz for a while.   I have lots of other things to worry finding a job.


  1. Very cute. It looks like her sleeves are nylon and the lace is printed on that? Is that even a option for wedding dresses? I'm in love with Monica Lhuillier's lacey wedding dresses. They are so romantic. Although, I keep my admiration at a distance.

    1. Her sleeves are actually from the same fabric as the overlay of her dress. I am a nerd from all of the bridal, but I believe (could be wrong) her fabric is english net and then the lace is hand sewn over since it's all it's pretty delicate. I love Monique Lhullier's dresses, too! She does gorgeous lace!

  2. What a gorgeous dress! Love hearing all the wedding details!!

  3. I looooooove that dress! It's stunning. I think very few girls look good in a strapless wedding gown. Something about the way they're constructed and nothing to do with the bodies. Never mind the hiking it up all the time. Not cute. However you're most comfortable will be how you are the most stunning.


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