Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Row Row Row My Boat

I hope everyone had an excellent weekend!

I will be back to blogging with a vengeance soon, I am busy busy wrapping up things around here and getting ready to move in 5 weeks!  WEEKS!

I have some posts ready to go to POST as soon as I leave this little big city behind and let me tell you that I have been waiting months to get a few things off of my chest, so they are coming....I look forward to the relief I will have when I can get it ALL out.  Bonus, that they are juicy and entertaining (and personally mortifying) reads.

I wanted to share something that even I cannot believe I tried....the rowing machine at the gym*.  For years, I just looked at it as something that I couldn't do and walked past those rowers and never gave trying one a chance.  The other day when I was so bored of all of the other cardio equipment I typically use and was contemplating leaving the gym after 2 minutes (no exaggeration) on the treadmill, I scanned the machines and my eyes met the rower and I thought..."what the hell?!" and I hopped on and well.........

And....well, I love it!

I love it so much that I have blisters on my hands.  Even though I have been working a ton, I have found the precious time to get my tush to the gym very early in the morning and on the rower just because I think it is really fun, relaxing, methodical, and I can feel the burn.

I recently decided that the elliptical just isn't enough of a workout the way I like to do it.  Bouncing around while watching E! is fun, but not enough of a burn.  I don't see any results.  I don't feel sore.  I need the burn.

So, the rower.  Well, all I can say is that my core is getting the workout that is has always craved and that I am too lazy to put it through if it doesn't involve cardio.  I love the motion of it and the feeling that I am actually covering ground.  It is really a neat sensation if you have never tried it.

I love cardio and I hate strength training. I cannot wait to be in my new little apartment BY MYSELF (WHOOOOT!) so I can lift my 5 pound weights in my underwear while I watch Bravo....it is the way I finally got toned arms and thighs (after years of wishing for them and NOT ever doing anything about it!) 4 years ago, so I am willing to bet that the same recipe should work again....Real Housewives of any season is perfect to zone at to while I pump my iron.

I love the rower so much that I am researching taking lessons in my new city.  Perhaps even joining a rowing club if I find that my love translates to the open waters and not just the 2nd floor cardio circuit at my gym...we shall see.  I haven't been this excited about exercise since I fell in love with my old (circa 5 years ago) Spinning studio (my new one down South is just as good, if not better!) and I love feeling like exercise is something I LIKE to do and NOT something I HAVE to do.

I am proud that these days, I am trying new things that I always thought were off limits for no good reason.  Just because my mind once landed on "NO!" about certain experiences, doesn't mean that I can't try them...the results have been very positive thus far.

*(I apologize for writing an ENTIRE post about a rower....I mean, this is how my OBSESSION with certain things do begin...when I cannot stop thinking about something.  Currently, it is a rower.  WAY better than a Big Mac.  Progress. I do promise that you may love it, if you haven't tried it...if I can do it, ANYONE can!)


  1. That's awesome! Now I'm feeling bummed because I've never seen a rowing machine at my gym!

  2. I like rowing here and there, but after I hurt my arm I don't do it anymore. I an only stand 25-30 minutes on the elliptical, then I lift weights and do lunges/squats. I love lifting weights with cardio circuts because it makes the time fly.

  3. We have a rowing machine in our work out room and I hate to say that I've only used it twice. It is so hard!!! The Mister loves it and used it when he couldn't run due to a foot injury. Good for you for using it!!!You can burn off lots of calories fast!!! 5 Weeks! When are you meeting Crush for the weekend?

  4. I read an article once about how the rower is the most underrated machine at the gym. It really does give you the best workout and burns a ton of calories. Sometimes boredom and break from routine leads to good things!


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