Friday, August 9, 2013

Nothing Changes IF Nothing Changes

This (blog title) is a great quote going around and one that a best friend shared with me a few days ago.

I love it.

I have been thinking about it constantly.

Simple, really.  Change brings change.

I have started to try new things.  Especially when it comes to eating and exercise.

I am down 14.2 pounds now and if I could be down 20 by the time I move (less than 6 weeks!), well, I would be really excited, but regardless, I know it will come.  I am in a good place with the eating.  I am making changes.  I have enjoyed salads the last several times I have gone out to eat and when I do splurge (like last night when I had a farewell supper with a dear college friend), I took home most of my main course (after we enjoyed appetizers) to have for lunch.  The little things are starting to add up.  I am factoring in my needs versus my wants when it comes to food.  I satisfy my cravings, but I create limits, too.  I need to in order to avoid the dreaded binge monster.

I become super lazy with my eating when my depression rolls in. I have always known what I need to do to help the scale go down, but I cannot always do it.

This time, combined with the eating therapy, I can feel my mind-frame changing.  I am able to bounce back after a bad eating day, a binge, or a shitty workout.  One meal at a time.  I am not waiting for "Monday" to begin my diet because I am not on a diet.   I have shifted my inner voice.  This is a life change for me, not a phase.

Exercise-wise, I am shaking it up and the only negative is my increased appetite! I don't mind the gym, but I tend to not push myself enough unless I take a class and the classes at my current gym SUCK.  SUCK HARD.  They start late, the instructors are always substitutes that have no idea what is going on, the regulars feel like they are entitled to "their spots" in the studio, the workouts aren't serious or well thought out....this annoys me so much, especially when it comes to Spinning which is totally dependant on the my gym, the instructors play the same playlist from 2003 week after week....WHY?!  It is too stupid for words, so I avoid the needless exercise class drama.  It just so happens that I LOVE the gym AND the classes at my new gym in my new city (WHOOT!)....the Spinning studio there is so epic, I dream about it.....I am such a nerd, but it is just that good and I have attended 10 classes there thus far (during my visits) and WOW is all I can say.  

In an effort to create change, I have started to mix some running into my existing elliptical, spin bike, and weight training routine.  I started running (6.0 speed on the treadmill) 1 mile at a time and now I am up to 2.5 miles without stopping.  My goal is to be able to do 4 miles in a row without stopping by the time I move.  It is what I used to do in high school a couple days a week for my cardio workout.  It makes me feel good to know that I can still do the same things (like jog and ride a bike!) I once did over half a lifetime ago.  Since I have started running, my clothes are getting looser and I even zipped up a dress this week that I haven't been able to wear in over 10 months.  Makes me feel good.

I will be back after the weekend with posts (working this weekend!) and hope everyone had a great week!




  1. Sounds like progress!

    However, I do feel that the regulars have earned their "spots", so I can't agree with you on that. But, if I get there late, then that's my fault. I would never say anything to someone who took "my spot", but I would be annoyed in my mind. That's why I always get to my classes early.

  2. Congrats, R&F!!! Keep up the good work.

  3. Keep it up! You've been doing so well, and a few slip-ups are always allowed - that's life.

    I hate the people who save 'spots' in their regular class. Be flexible! We're all paying the same, we all are entitled to it.


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