Monday, November 11, 2013

The Downfalls of Getting Older

I hope that I am aging gracefully.

I am pretty good about my sleep, diet (even with the binging I eat TONS of fruits and veggies), exercise and skin routine.  I have started to get gray hairs (a few here and there) and even that I can handle.

What I cannot handle are my hangovers.

I am not a big drinker.  Yes, I used to be a HUGE drinker.  If I drank the amount I once did, I am sure I would have to be rushed to the ER to get my stomach pumped.  I say this honestly, because once after too many shots of Captain Morgan when I was sixteen....this actually did happen.

The other night, Crush and I went out to supper with some of his old friends.  We had a wonderful time enjoying some delicious and very overpriced Thai food in Charleston.  This is a place that Chicago has Charleston beat....yummy and inexpensive Thai food.  I get that it is supply and demand and Thai food is super popular here. The $20.00 pad woon sen was yummy nonetheless and I promised Crush even yummier Thai for a fraction of the price the next time we make it to the Windy City.  He is excited, no one loves a deal more than my man.

Anyway, I had four drinks in a matter of six hours.  1 glass of wine, 2 glasses of champagne, and 1 vodka and soda water and I got DRUNK.  Like, not sloppy, but definitely not cute.   I was in a jolly mood.  I did a really seductive sloppy strip tease for my man, rapped him a few 90's favorites including Candy Man (Knockin Boots) and then fell on my bed in a heap while the room spun.  Hot.  For the big finish, I started yelling "ATTACK!" and made a police siren noise, every time Crush tried to initiate physical contact with me.

I know know.  I mixed drinks, so that was half the problem.

I woke up with a major hungover. URGH!  I made it through a half ass workout and then I demanded that Crush get me pizza.  It wasn't pretty.

Today, I am back on track after about fifteen hours of sleep yesterday.  The reality is that things I could once do: drink ALL night, sleep three hours, work nine hours and then make it to the gym are WAY behind me.

It makes me sad, but I would rather be sleeping by 10:00 pm any night of the week.  Now, I am catching up on all the things I needed to do yesterday before I allow myself get into bed early tonight.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and handled their booze better than I did.

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  1. 10PM is so late! I try to be in bed reading by 9. I'm old and IDGAF.


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