Thursday, November 7, 2013

Salad and Spinning and Wedding Planning

I am trying to get into shape.

There have been many salads.  Lots of Spinning.  Even salad spinning. The wedding planning.  Well, I must admit, it is one of my strengths.

Sadly, my engagement ring has not been the same equivalent to getting my jaw wired, like I hoped it would be. DANG.  Eating is still a struggle, but the good news is that it has been a TON easier since I moved to Charleston.  I am so much less stressed that I am not turning to food emotionally like I used to.

My future husband has an amazing metabolism.  He is lucky this way.  He has no idea about nutrition and eating healthily.  NO CLUE.  For example:

R&F: "Hi sweets, what did you have for lunch today?"

Crush: "I ate really healthy foods.  Fried chicken, creamed spinach and fried green tomatoes."

R&F: "How is any of that healthy?"

Crush: "Chicken, spinach and tomatoes are all healthy!'

Unlike me, Crush never learned how to read a menu for healthy clues (thanks, WeightWatchers!), never sat around a cafeteria lunch table in the 5th grade and talked about who had the lowest fat and calorie meal (thanks, North Shore Girls raised by mothers with rampant eating disorders!) and never saw a nutritionist and an eating therapist to change his eating habits (thanks for real, the wonderful professionals who are helping me!).

And yet, with his COMPLETE lack of food knowledge, Crush still has a WAY better relationship with food than I do.  He simply eats when he is hungry and stops when he is full.  I wish I could do that consistently.

Having Crush around often really helps me focus on eating better.  We have started to eat most of our breakfasts and suppers together and I find that when I am cooking for someone else and not just for myself, I put extra effort into making my meals balanced, yummy and satisfying.  Crush wants to eat better and I want to lose weight, so I have been preparing calorie friendly meals full of lean proteins and fresh fruits and veggies.  Crush has of course already lost 6 pounds in a few weeks whereas I have lost perhaps a few ounces.  All of my yo-yo dieting in the past has slowed my metabolism, but I feel so much better and now fit into most of my wardrobe again, so I will take it.

The wedding planning is fully underway and our first goal for hotness health takes place in February when we will take our engagement photos.  It just so happens that our wedding photographer who lives in Chicago will be in Charleston for another wedding he is shooting, so he is going to snap a few shots of us when he is in town.  I am super excited to have Charleston engagement photos and Chicago wedding photos (yup, I decided to tie the knot in the Windy City as truthfully, it is a great city and I love to visit it, I just HATED living there!).

I have found that all of the wedding planning has been super easy thus far and these awesome little coincidences keep happening which make me feel like in many ways, everything about this wedding is simply meant to be!  In less than 2 weeks, I have my venue, officiant, ceremony musicians, band for the reception, after party DJ, florist, photographer, hair and makeup artists, rehearsal dinner venue and hotel room blocks. When I return to Chicago in a few weeks for a wedding I am working, I will do my save the dates and invitations.  I will say, I know the best vendors in Chicago and I have gotten a bird's eye perspective about how they all work, so selecting them was SUPER easy.  I am just so happy that they were all available!  I keep thinking....if my clients actually listened to me (some do, many don't and then they don't get the best product and services), they too could have their weddings planned quickly!  Everyone likes to do things differently, but there is nothing I love more than making a list and crossing it off!

Hope all is well out there and Happy Thursday!


  1. Availability, and I'm sure that because it was your wedding, these vendors were able to schedule you! From what you've said it seems like you took time to actually cultivate relationships with some of these vendors, I'm sure that helped them make room for your nuptials!

    Totally unfair that men lose weight quicker than women with just basic changes. Like dropping soda and drinking water, boom 5 pounds. I could go off about this, but that's a different rant for a different day.

    1. I agree about the vendors. I also don't dick around and shop contracts like most of my clients like to do behind my back even when I find them EXACTLY what they asked for in their agreed upon price point because I think it is very rude and unethical to do to vendors especially once you tell someone you will use them and then decide not to because of money....I believe in being open to everyone, so the process was EASY!

      As for men and weight....OY, Crush basically is losing without much exercise and he's still eating 2,300 - 2,600 calories a day. His metabolism is turbo. If I didn't love him, I would HATE him!!!

  2. R&F... men have a much different relationship with food. When they decide to lose a few they give up fries and lose 10 lbs. the first week. So happy for you. Does Crush know you have a blog? You need to start posting photos. Would love to see what you're planning for the big day.

    1. It's so true. Crush cut out soda and has lost a bunch of weight! I am going to start posting photos. Crush doesn't know about the blog. I read him entries from my journal (where a bunch of my entries come from). I would love to be super open about it, but my fear is that he would share it with his family and then I would feel like I would have to censor myself a bit, even though I bet they wouldn't care. Thank you so much and so excited about your big move.


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